Welcome!  I will start off by saying that no two paintings come out the same so please be aware of that if you are requesting that I paint something of similar quality to another painting that you have seen here.  If you would simply like a different color variation, I can usually accommodate your preferences.  You can always email me at: harbick@yahoo.com or call me at: (503) 899-9553 with any questions. 

        A little bit about my goals…. Most of us have five senses that we use to interpret any number of wonders around us, but how often do we really notice them?  And when we do tune in to one, isn’t our experience heightened?  Our senses are the key to enjoying life to its fullest. 

        In the near future, my goal is to create a line of art that appeals to three or more senses at any given time so that people may interact with art in ways their senses may otherwise be dulled to.  We tend to tune out a lot of ‘noise’ becoming desensitized to the world around us.  As the old saying goes, when you shut out the bad, you also end up shutting out the good.  Although, I don’t think it has to be that black and white.  Rather, I think once people become more aware of their senses, they can learn to fine tune them to receive only that which is desired.